Make Google crawl to your feet “Everybody loves attention” so does your website or blog. So, if you want to be a constant attention seeker of Google you need to implement these tips to make Google fall for you. By following these tips you can increase Google crawl rate. Basically, Google crawl is about the frequency of which Googlebot visit your site or blog. There are certain essential things that you need to do to optimize bot’s visits to your site and make your blog a successful hit.


Below is the list of some galvanizing tips that will be very effective to increase the visits of Google bot to your blog:


Update your content: A simple yet very powerful word is to ‘update’ your content from time to time. You should come up with something new every time because providing old content becomes lame and also does no help in adding on to the visits to your blog. Update your blog with some new article, video, audio or poems on a daily basis. Frame out something that is not very common and makes a invent new idea and theories and post them on your blog.


Update your server: It is very important to check your server and update it. The server plays a vital role in making the Googlebot visits more frequent. So, it is necessary to have a good server as the Google crawler will rate you accordingly. Your server should have a rapid uptime and also if your blog is a pitfall for quite a long time then it might turn out to be a big problem for you.


Plagiarism-Free: “Be original, & be the best”. It is important to be the best version of yourself and to prohibit any type of duplication of the content. As we know there are many search engines that can spot the plagiarized content so, there is no way to escape if your content is plagiarized. The best and the easiest thing that you can do for the betterment of your blog is avoiding copying the data. Because duplicate data can decrease the crawl rate of Googlebot to your site or blog. Always provide good, innovative and real material in your blog.


Sitemaps: Sitemaps help to locate and get the information about your site, therefore, it is very effective to add sitemaps to your website. It has been seen that by adding sitemaps the visits of Google crawler has been increased as compared to the visits without adding sitemaps to your website. Don’t be lazy and create a sitemap for your site that will help you to rectify your blog and will rapidly create Google crawler a regular guest to your website.


Loading time: Loading time of your website or blog plays an essential part in making Google crawl to your site or blog. While designing your site you must take care of optimizing the images on the web page and keeping the javascript at the footer. Also, you should allow compression of the files. By doing these, your loading time will get better and your web page will take less time for getting loaded.


Deny access to Unwanted pages: It is very important for your website and blog that you do not permit the access to unwanted pages that are irrelevant to the matter. You should block such pages so that Googlebot do not crawl for them and all the attention is given to your page. You can do this by editing Robot.txt. it will ensure that all the attention is provided to your page or blog and will restrict the crawling to other useless pages.


Optimize images:  When you add images to your blog or site always make sure that you use alt tags with them to give a suitable description. As search engines cannot read images, therefore, it is necessary to provide alt tags with images. Also, images help in optimization which ultimately helps the Googlebot to crawl to the web page or blog. Optimization of the images will help you to get a lot of traffic from Googlebot.


Interlink the blog pages: To make Googlebot crawl to your blog you should interlink the blog pages. This will help to gain the traffic to your blog. You can do it by using plugins.There are many plugins available that can be easily used to interlink the blog posts. This method of interlinking the blog pages is very powerful. It will generate traffic to your blog and will make it a hit.


Use ping services: Ping services are extremely important to let the Googlebot know about the existence of your blog. It is very beneficial to gather the attention of the Google bot. There are many ping services that you can avail and will prove to be beneficial for you. Pingomatic is one such manual ping service available for this job. Ping services allow you to ping the search engines easily and frequently.


Keep track of Google crawl: rate You can also keep a track of Google crawl rate by using an effective tool called ‘Google webmaster tool’. This tool allows you to monitor the activities of Google bot and also provides you the statics about its recent activities. By keeping track of Google Crawl you will understand your flaws better and you can improve your blogs accordingly.


Hope these above-mentioned tips will be beneficial to you and will definitely make the Google crawl to your blog.